What’s That Coming Over the Hill? – Thoughts on the Evolve Alpha


So Turtle Rock Studios (the guys behind Left 4 Dead), headed off from Valve and decided to make a 4v1 game where one player takes on the role of the monster and the other four are hunters working together to track, trap and kill the monster. Whilst the hunters do their job the Monster is given a few options to win the game, either killing the hunters outright or munching on wildlife and evolving to the point it can destroy a generator on the level. Whilst the game comes out in February 2015 those pre-ordering the game or lucky enough to obtain a code have been able to play an Alpha Test the past weekend. Due to some initial problems the Alpha’s been extended until the 4th.

Kraken 1After playing the game for a while I couldn’t help but feel like it was an epic game of Pong, each side using their abilities to the best of their… uh ability, until one side wins the game. There are 4 hunter classes, each with their own advantage over the monster. When working together this group can effectively defend and take down the monster but if one or more players slip up they’ll be a lot more vulnerable to attacks from the monster. The Monster player needs to make the best use of their abilities too, be it fire breath, throwing rocks or electrocuting enemies from above. Players can earn perks for their character over the course of many games much like Battlefield’s progression system. They can also unlock variants of their class giving access to slightly different weapons, or unlock an entirely new monster capable of a different style of gameplay. Continue reading