Typoman Review


During a Nintendo Direct back in November I caught sight of an indie game named Typoman for the WiiU by Brainseed Factory. A blend between Super Meat Boy and Scribblenauts this delightful little game exceeded my expectations and kept me on my toes for several hours.

GrabThe idea of the game is that you will generally see what you have to do in order to progress. Grabbing hold of letters and swinging between them soon turns into more of a puzzle, you’ll be rearranging letters (often within a time limit) racing to find the correct word before you’re killed by a monster. Continue reading


Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby – Mega Evolution Editions?

Alpha Omega Trans

Nintendo has announced the next pair of Pokemon games for release on the 3DS, ‘Alpha Sapphire’ and ‘Omega Ruby’. Ruby and Sapphire were part of the third generation of Pokemon games (alongside Emerald), and gave players a chance to explore the Hoenn region and encounter a wide range of new Pokemon. It’s likely that the remakes will be based on the same engine as Pokemon X and Y, providing us with greatly updated visuals over the originals as well as direct connectivity with X, Y and Pokemon Bank.

Mega BlazikenSomething that came to mind when reading about Sapphire and Ruby’s remakes was that one of the Ruby/Sapphire starters (Torchic), was released previously as part of a promotion for early adopters of Pokemon X and Y. This Torchic held a special item known as Blazikenite, a Mega Stone that allowed Torchic’s evolution Blaziken to temporarily evolve further during battles and become Mega Blaziken. Seeings as one of the three starters already has a Mega Stone I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect both Mudkip and Treecko to have their own Mega Stones at some point during Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. So keep an eye out for Sceptileite and Swampertite!

I was disappointed that Game Freak/Nintendo didn’t follow up Pokemon X and Y success with post release content such as new islands and Mega Stones for us to discover, but the announcement of additional games giving us this content makes me happy. We won’t have to wait long to explore Hoenn in 3D either as Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby release this November.