Typoman Review


During a Nintendo Direct back in November I caught sight of an indie game named Typoman for the WiiU by Brainseed Factory. A blend between Super Meat Boy and Scribblenauts this delightful little game exceeded my expectations and kept me on my toes for several hours.

GrabThe idea of the game is that you will generally see what you have to do in order to progress. Grabbing hold of letters and swinging between them soon turns into more of a puzzle, you’ll be rearranging letters (often within a time limit) racing to find the correct word before you’re killed by a monster.


You’re able to rearrange letters using the Wii U Gamepad and offered a cryptic hint as to what the word you’re searching for might be. If you’re well and truly unable to figure out what the word is however don’t fret as clicking the hint again will highlight the word you need in order to move on.

The game’s visual style is quite beautiful, drawing on themes of chaotic darkness offset by occasional sources of light to protect you and is accompanied by a creepy soundtrack that almost sounds like it was written for a Resident Evil game. (you can purchase the soundtrack here).Safe

Short and sweet the game spans an intro level and three chapters of gameplay lasting about an hour or so each, culminating in a boss fight that makes classic 8 bit Bowser feel like a pussy cat and took me several deaths to complete.

I really enjoyed the game and wouldn’t mind a sequel down the line, however I hope they release on multiple platforms as the WiiU might not be giving them the exposure they deserve. The developers have created a true gem for the catalogue of WiiU indie games available on the Nintendo eShop and will hopefully bring us equally exciting titles in the future.

Review copy of the game provided by Headup Games, Braindseed Factory. A demo is available for free on the Wii U eShop.


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