Downloadable B-Games

I’ve noticed a lot of handheld/mobile games getting HD treatment for consoles/PC lately (Deus Ex: The Fall, Arkham Origins: Blackgate), and it kinda got me thinking…

What if we had smaller games on a smaller budget, Downloadable B-Games if you will, released on Consoles/PC for mainstream games. Similarly to DLC you could have these Downloadable B-Games for a fraction of the main game’s price and they wouldn’t necessarily have to be dumbed down versions of a game either. Picture an RTS/Tower Defense Mass Effect game set during ME3’s battle against the Reapers… I’d buy that instantly!

Reaper Invasion

Just an idea really but you have to admit there’s some sort of market for this type of thing. Dragon Age has had a few smaller games released alongside the main titles, DA: Journeys being a web game released prior to Awakening’s launch, DA: Legends released on Facebook (later downloadable). Serious Sam 3 has a few indie games to accompany it as a marketing strategy too. I feel like there’s something there… Thoughts?

Cheers to @mindofgeekness for being a soundboard on this post and her obligatory comment now that I’ve posted this! 😉


2 responses to “Downloadable B-Games

  1. Haha! Obligatory comment incoming…
    I can definitely see a market for this sort of thing, but at the same I’m not sure…. With the whole ‘Blackgate’ and ‘Liberation’ thing I think it best to leave them as handheld only games. They’re special to that specific handheld and it’s only right that people who have gone out and bought the product get something specific for that platform…otherwise why bother making handhelds?
    It’s debateable as everyone will have a different opinion, that’s mine.
    Good discussion starter dude!

    • Can definitely see your point about the Handheld market being kept separate. Wonder if there would be an interest in these offshoot/spin off kinda games though.

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