My Hypersleep Journey to Nowhere.

Earth Orbit

Time and time again I’ve looked at my blog and thought hell…it’s been too long since I’ve posted, what do I say? How do I explain the gap, so I thought I’d tell you the truth

Just over a year ago I was contacted by what I can only imagine is a covert government agency, their intention? To make me the first human to successfully survive hypersleep and reach a distant planet known as LV-426. I awoke from hypersleep groggy, tried to find my bearings and discovered I was actually still on earth…had never left Earth…and was probably just sleeping in some sort of advanced looking bed rather than a hypersleep chamber…for over a year.

Yup that’s my excuse, it’s not a good one but it’s mine!

Games! Yup I’m still into them, still playing them. Resident Evil 4’s been my latest obsession. Picked it up on Steam as they released a HD version, not played since the days of the GameCube! Felt pretty good, reminded me why this was my favorite game of the series. Whilst it steps away from it’s T-Virus origins and fixed cameras the game does what a 4th in a game series doesn’t normally do…it works. Have to say I’m pretty keen to play through the Resident Evil games released after 4, hope that they’ll be a nice blend of 1-3 and 4.

Short and sweet for now. This is Sky, last survivor of what I thought was a starship and hypersleep chamber…but wasn’t, signing off.


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